Top 4 Ways AI is improving the Face of Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has made life easier for the digital marketers. Artificial Intelligence helps them in customer segmentation, performing ad campaigns, content marketing etc. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing helps to get search results that are more than just the keyword searches. In the past few years, we have observed marvelous advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Form Apple’s Siri to Tesla’s self-driving cars, artificial intelligence has progressed leaps and bounds day by day.

Artificial Intelligence helps in improving the search engine results in Google searches. When a user types anything on the search bar, users’ current location, favorite websites, links that are clicked after search and name etc. are saved. This happens to billions of internet users. This has helped search engines to find the best results for the end users. Artificial intelligence as a service is beneficial for Google’s search algorithm as well as consumers for searching better results.

Let us discuss in brief about Artificial Intelligence!!!!!!

Artificial Intelligence is a science of making intelligent machines. These machines have the ability to take decisions, perception, and problem-solving. Research Infinite Solutions consulting company provides solutions in the wide range of applications in the domain of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligent machines are less prone to error. They are made with algorithms that enable them to become more efficient than the human counterpart. Artificial Intelligence machines can prove to be perfect assistants for performing day to day tasks. Artificial Intelligence machines are perfect replacement of humans in performing repetitive jobs.

These machines can perform at any given environment. For example Applications of artificial intelligence in deep mining has reduced human risk factor to a huge extent. As we all know that machines do not get tired. As a result, artificial intelligence machines do not require breaks. AI is a complex set of technology that doesn’t just calculate info – it actually responds to it. The growth of AI technology is renovating the entire industries, like banking, medicine and marketing, with its competence to inspect information, learn from it, and deliver industry-wide solutions.

  1. Chatbots: Chatbots are one the hottest trend in the field of AI. You may by this time be familiar with how Chatbots can support us with our day to day activities. It is vary from asking Siri to set an alarm or Alexa to play your favorite song, Chatbots are one of the latest advancements that act as a virtual assistant for the average consumer. Moreover, Chat bots and conversational interfaces are a fast growing area of investment and customer service budget as the highest promising short-term. Companies like Kasisto are now building finance-specific chat bots to assist consumers to ask queries via chat such as “How much did I spend on shopping last year?” and “What was the balance of my personal savings account 15 days ago?” These assistants have had to be built with robust natural language processing engines as well as reams of finance-specific customer interactions. In other way, Mezi, an online app that can be downloaded on your smart devices puts AI to work as a personal travel assistant. Chatbot is a simple tool support with everything from flights booking to making reservations and even gives offers on where you should eat for dinner.

Moreover it enhances the customer experience by available on 24*7. It provides quick help to the customer. Rather than having to wait on hold or for an email response, Chatbots answer questions in real time.

  1. Machine Generated Copy: Copy plays an important role in the market rules and marketers are aware about it. Well research content is the basis for every social media and campaign. Machine-generated copy is content that was created by a computer. In Artifical Intelligence the platform comes up with the greatest mixture of words that will concern on readers and compel them with a call to action. Typically, machine-generated copy is operative in making subject lines for Facebook ads, emails, social media posts and text messages. For instance Persado software is used AI concept to generate words up to 600 characters for the digital marketing.
  2. Predictive Ad Content: It is observed that advertisement is the fuel of various marketing campaign. For this purpose a lot of time and resources are required to develop. In recent years, Thousands of companies took AI help to modernize their ad efforts. Big data analytics is really helpful for marketing trends, and chasing user preferences, AI can generate predictive ad content that places a company’s message openly in front of the people who may be most concerned to see it. For Instance Red Roof Inn grows their business 10% with the help of predictive Ad content. By knowing extensive demand of hotel rooms, Red Roof marketing department starts analyzing data by checking historical weather patterns, to find areas where airplane passengers are most likely to be stuck due to severe weather. Then, using search advertising on mobile devices, they pushed out targeted advertisements to attract travelers who may have been stranded in nearby airports.
  3. Image Recognition: Image is the recently introduced technology. Most of the people are familiar with it due to tagging of friends on their social media application. There is a lot in store of this technology. Image recognition has also become a collaborative marketing tool with the help of AI for enterprises looking to distinguish their customer experience in fun and exciting ways. It is helpful in recommendation system based on images. For example, customers can snap a picture of a product they want and receive details about where they can purchase it, how much it costs, and even view ratings online.

In the nutshell, we can say that Artifical Intelligence is a game changing technology. We have already entered in the AI technology era. RankBrain is already getting its place, chatbots are gaining popularity day by day and bigger brands are continually depend on CRM data to make conclusions built on predictive analysis. Thus by adopting suitable digital marketing strategy based upon AI, business will reach at the highest peak within few years. Research Infinite Solution provides  best digital marketing services.

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