How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve your Search Engine Results in Google

In the past few years, we have witnessed tremendous advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Form Apple’s Siri to Tesla’s self-driving cars, artificial intelligence has progressed leaps and bounds day by day.

  • Artificial Intelligence has made life easier for the digital marketers. Artificial Intelligence helps them in customer segmentation, performing ad campaigns, content marketing etc. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing helps to get search results that are more than just the keyword searches.
  • Artificial Intelligence helps in improving the search engine results in Google searches. When a user types anything on the search bar, users’ current location, favourite websites, links that are clicked after search and name etc are saved. This happens to billions of internet users.
  • This has helped search engines to find the best results for the end users. Artificial intelligence as a service is beneficial for Google’s search algorithm as well as consumers for searching better results.

Let us discuss in brief about Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Artificial Intelligence is a science of making intelligent machines. These machines have the ability to take decisions, perception, and problem-solving. Research Infinite Solutions Consulting Company provides solutions in the wide range of applications in the domain of artificial intelligence.
Advantages of Artificial Intelligence
  • Various advantages of Artificial Intelligence systems are:
  • Artificial intelligent machines are less prone to error. They are made with algorithms that enable them to become more efficient than the human counterpart.
  • Artificial Intelligence machines can prove to he perfect assistants for performing day to day tasks.
  • Artificial Intelligence machines are perfect replacement of humans in performing repetitive jobs.
  • These machines can perform at any given environment. For example Applications of artificial intelligence in deep mining has reduced human risk factor to a huge extent.
  • As we all know that machines do not get tired. As a result, artificial intelligence machines do not require breaks.

Now let us discuss how artificial intelligence can help in improving search engine result in Google.

Intent becomes more important
  • With the advancements in the artificial intelligence systems, the intention behind the keyword search has become more important. Artificial intelligence system can interpret the keywords and ranks the searches accordingly. AI machine learning has helped search engines in interpreting the searches.
  • These searches can learn from the past behavior and can improve over time. Research Infinite Solution software consulting company helps you in getting better search engine ranking for your website.
Predicting user behavior
  • One of the applications of Artificial Intelligence is predicting the user behavior. This has become possible by the collection of huge amount of data. As soon as the user opens the browser and start searching his search data get stored in databases. In this way, user behavior can be predicted by his past searches, his profession, age, gender etc.
  • By predicting user behavior, you can focus on target consumer which improves ranking in the website and improving your search engine result ranking.
Getting help from consumer reviews
  • Reviews from the customers have huge relevance in improving ranking than we might think. This is because reviews are written by real people in real life language. For example, a customer might review like -”this is the best hotel in the city”. So if someone searches for best hotels nearby, that hotel will be listed.
  • Artificial Intelligence has helped to get the meaning of what people are saying and in turn ranking the websites accordingly.
Voice searching is the Future
  • Voice search will be the future of search in upcoming years. One of the applications of Artificial Intelligence is voice recognition system in searching. Voice searches are relatively more informal and longer than the text searches. So, it becomes important that our content should also be in accordance with the voice searches.
Chatbots to improve Search Results
  • Customers have thousands of queries about your product or services. To answer all the queries in an effective way, artificial intelligence has come up with the solution. Chatbots You heard it right.
  • One of the applications of Artificial Intelligence is Chatbots. Chatbots helps in answering the queries of customers in an effective way. Chatbots behaves like a friend and engaging people.
  • This, in turn, helps in improving your search result rankings.
Content is the key
  • As search engine algorithms becoming more and more intelligent, you cannot skip the importance of content. A good content will help you in getting at the top of the search results. Having good content will attract more traffic towards your website.
  • As a result, Google Algorithm will interpret that your website is genuine, having good and relative content. This improves the visibility of your website in the search results.
Data analysis and interpretation
  • Take any type of sector – be it healthcare, finance or business. Data is of utmost importance. This is because by analyzing a good processed data, we can interpret the results or outcomes. Artificial intelligence research is going on continuously so we can get good quality structured data.
  • SEO and digital marketers need to understand the importance of structured data. Structured data also helps search engines to find the more relevant results. It also helps in improving the Click Through Rate. This results in improvement in the search result in Google.
Images and Videos Searches
  • Suppose you want to learn to cook your favorite dish. You Google about it and various search results came up. So what you like to go for? Reading text or going for the video. The answer is obvious. You will go for the video. Artificial Intelligence researchers have helped search engines understand the value of visual search.
  • So it becomes important to tag the videos, images or other visual data appropriately so that search engine can easily find your content.
No more Black Hat Techniques
  • With the aid of artificial intelligence systems in search engines, Blackhat techniques that are used in optimizing searches are going to vanish. Black Hat techniques are unethical techniques that violate the rules and regulations of search engines.
  • With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence research, black hat techniques can no longer be implemented. This is because search engines have become more intelligent and content based.
  • In the end, we can say that search engines have become more intelligent. Unethical techniques like black hat techniques, keyword stuffing is not going to work at all. Good content, good recommendation systems and prediction systems are the need of the hour. Research Infinite Solutions Software company helps you in providing all these solutions that can enhance your search engine results ranking.

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