What is Artificial Intelligence Explain its Features

It is quite unbelievable to see how machines have overtaken human in every field of concern.The development in the field of Artificial Intelligence has made it possible for machines to think, take decisions on their own and provide better results. 

Artificial Intelligence has made a huge impact on the life of humans. It has changed the lifestyle, working environment, methods of research and many more.Some of you might be familiar with this term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ while others maybe not. Applications of Artificial Intelligence are vast and has outperformed humans.

So what Artificial Intelligence actually is?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that helps in making intelligent and self-decision taking machines. Artificial Intelligence has a vast scope. The concept of Machine Learning, Deep Learning is also a part of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with making intelligent machines that make computers capable of doing things that would otherwise require a human brain. The main goals of Artificial Intelligence are:

  • To create expert systems that exhibit intelligent behavior.
  • Simulation of human intelligence in machines.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning deals with training machines to perform tasks without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning algorithms give machines the ability of reasoning, problem solving and perception. They can learn on their own from past experience and improve over time.

Machine Learning has found its applications in healthcare, e-commerce, spam detection and many more.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning. Deep Learning is based on the making artificial neural networks that simulate the human brain. This neural network enables machines to analyze, understand and take decisions on their own.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Having discussed the Artificial intelligence, let us discuss the advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Efficiency: Artificial Intelligence machines have a high level of efficiency. As we all know that machines are built with algorithms that enables AI machines to become less prone to error.

Repetitive jobs: Artificial Intelligence machines can replace humans from monotonous jobs that humans find boring. This is because machines are emotionless and do not get bored.

No breaks: Artificial Intelligence Machines takes less or no breaks as compared to human counterpart.

External Factors: These machines can perform in any environment or place where humans cannot reach. For example inside petroleum pipes to check leakage.They can work at any temperate range as high as 1290 degrees to as low as – 47-degree Celsius.

Adaptability: Artificial intelligent machines have the ability to adapt to any environment. Artificial Intelligence can be classified into two types. Narrow AI and Broad AI. Broad AI can perform a vast variety of task on the basis of an environment.

Artificial Intelligence is helping in making smarter machines, smart TV, smart homes and many more. 

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

High Cost: Artificial Intelligence machines require a huge amount of investments as they are very complex to design. It involves years of research and experimentation to build the artificial intelligence machines. Moreover, repair and maintenance of AI machines are very costly. Frequent software updates are needed so as to adapt to new requirements and environment.

No creativity: Artificial Intelligent machines lacks creativity. They can help you design and create things that they are programmed to. Other than that they cannot replicate the original thinking power of human mind.

Unemployment: Artificial Intelligence will replace humans in the majority of the tasks. This will lead to unemployment, which is an undesirable social phenomenon. Unemployment can lead to serious issues. Becoming dependent on AI Machines can make humans lazy.

Distribution of power: Artificial Intelligence machines can take the control away from humans. They can become a potential threat to the human race. Many technology scholars have shown their concern in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Let us now discuss some of the features of Artificial Intelligence Systems.  Some of the features of Artificial Intelligence are :

Reasoning and decision making

Artificial Intelligence machines have the ability of reasoning and decision making. Artificial Intelligent machines can take inputs, process them and gives the outputs. These machines do not require human supervision for their operations. Artificial Intelligence machines can also help in making decisions. They reduce the risk factor in taking the decisions.

No emotions

Artificial Intelligent machines are emotionless. They do no get tired, feel anything or do not get bored. Therefore, they can successfully replace humans in recursive tasks that humans find boring. As they do not get tired, so they do not need frequent breaks also. The decision made by artificially intelligent machines are not affected by their emotions.They are solely dependent upon the data analysis.

Prevents Hazards

Artificial Intelligent machines help in preventing the hazards. They are programmed to detect the problem at an early stage. They perform several tests on the systems and informing about potential risks and problems in various systems. For example, any security breach in bank security system is detected by Artificial Intelligence system. That leads to alarming the concerned authorities before serious mishappening.

Learning Ability

Artificial Intelligence machines are designed such that they can learn from their past experiences. As AI machines are exposed to more and more real-life data, their data set gets bigger and better. So, AI machines get more familiar with the real-time environment. This leads to improve the accuracy and decision making ability with time.

Communication Ability

Artificial Intelligence systems have the ability to communicate with humans as well as other artificial intelligent machines. They can communicate in various languages and can translate from one language to another. A chatbot is an example of communication ability of the AI machines.

Final Take

Artificial Intelligence is helping human race and doing great things and achieving bigger targets. Nowadays, AI has become an integral part of everyday lives. It has become a boon to many industries like healthcare, finance, marketing etc. So, it becomes necessary for various industries to keep pace with the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence to maximize benefits from it. We at Research Infinite Solutions – Data Science consulting company are helping industries to solve real-life problems and building smart solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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