How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Digital Marketing Results

We are living in the modern era and the world is constantly heading toward a revolution in the technology. Artificial Intelligence is certainly going to play a huge role in this revolution. Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science that trains machines to make decisions on their own and replicate human behavior.

  • Applications of artificial intelligence are countless and have infinite possibilities. Now let us first discuss some of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

The various advantages of Artificial Intelligence are:

  • The margin of error in Artificial Intelligence is very low. So we can expect high accuracy results.
  • Replace humans in tedious and cumbersome tasks which human find boring.
  • AI machine can work in any environment or any geographical conditions. 
  • AI machines do not require breaks, so work gets completed more efficiently and quickly.
  • AI machines also are more cost-effective than human because machine requires less time than human to learn new things.

Now, let us discuss something about digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

  • Digital Marketing is the new hype in the market. There is a lot of buzz going around about Digital marketing. You also might have heard this word at some point in time or other. So what exactly Digital Marketing? What are the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?
  • The promotion of brands using any of the forms of electronic media is known as digital marketing. Digital Marketing has got a lot a relevance in the past few years. As more and more users are using digital platforms, so brands do not want to let go this huge opportunity for brand promotion.

Digital Marketing can be broadly classified into following types:Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

  • SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
  • Pay Per Click advertising(PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SEM)

Having discussed digital marketing, let us discuss the importance of Digital marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing is important for small enterprises. We all know how difficult it is to market the product, especially for the small businesses. Digital marketing has helped small businesses in marketing their product and reaching the large target audience.
  • Digital Marketing is cost effective as compared to the traditional methods of marketing. Promoting the brand through digital marketing is more effective and in the budget of small enterprises.
  • Digital Marketing helps in getting an upper hand over your competitors. By following good marketing strategies digital marketing can become your X-factor making you the leader in competition.
Role of AI in Digital Marketing

Now, let us discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

Recommendation Systems
  • Artificial intelligence research has helped in building recommendation systems. Users are shown recommendations that depend on their previous search. In this way, users get a better experience as they are shown more relevant content.
  • Recommendation systems help in predicting the consumer behaviour and suggesting the post which user is most likely to visit.
Prediction from past behaviour
  • Another application of artificial intelligence includes predicting the future behaviour of customer from the past searches. As soon as customer starts searching, his data gets stored in databases and predictions are made according to the choice, taste, gender, location of the customer. So, the customer is shown things that he wants to see.
  • This helps in increasing the sales of the brands.
Searches getting better
  • Billions of searches are going on around the globe every second. The user wants only the relevant results. Artificial Intelligence has helped in getting more refined and better search results from millions of results. This enhances user experience and the best content wins the game of ranking.
Natural Language Processing
  • NLP is a field of computer science that deals with interpreting the intent behind the search that is anger, joy; fear etc. This is a challenging task as understanding the sentiments of human that too by a machine is not easy. Artificial intelligence software companies have taken the digital marketing by storm by getting to know the sentiments of the consumers.

AI-powered Chatbots

  • AI-powered chatbots have become a great tool in the hand of brands that want to provide round the clock customer support. Chatbots are build using artificial intelligence algorithms that can help the customers answer their questions. Chatbots are designed in a way that they make a friendly relation with the customers.
  • They engage the customer in the conversation and guide them through the products and services.

This helps in building a strong bond with the customer and sales of brands get improved.

Advertisements get more relevant
  • Artificial intelligence technologies in business have helped them to aim at target audience only. In this way, brands can show their products and services to persons that are interested in buying their products. Because it makes no sense in advertising a comb to the bald!
  • This further helps in improving the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the websites that means your content is reaching the right audience.
Reducing Load Time
  • Another application of Artificial Intelligence includes enhancing the load time of the websites. Who likes websites that are very slow and takes forever to load? No one, I guess. If your website is heavy and has a lot of images that make it sluggish, then it badly affects your sales and reputation.
  • This can gradually decrease traffic on your website. Artificial intelligence helps in improving the user experience by applying various algorithms.
Personalizes Content for every user
  • How good it would be if a user gets the content according to his interest. The user would feel more comfortable and familiar with the content. Artificial intelligence has helped in achieving this functionality. Therefore the user is shown different content on the same website according to his needs and interest.
  • Thus the user would like to visit the website frequently which improves quality and quantity of traffic on the website. That, in turn, will result in the sales improvement.


  • Hope this article has helped you in getting some insight about the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Artificial intelligence technologies in business have helped them to grow leaps and bounds. We get to know how artificial intelligence has improved the user experience by fast loading websites, chatbots, personalize content etc. Research Infinite Solution is Artificial Intelligence consulting company that deals with providing customised and long term solutions in the field of digital marketing.

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