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About Us

Research Infinite Solutions is an Artificial Intelligence based organization well known for research work services. We add value to our clients by continually staying in touch with them, listening to them and in the process improving our offerings.

Research Infinite Solutions is an Artificial Intelligence Consulting organization well known for Deep learning and Machine Learning Services. We add value to our clients by continually staying in touch with them, listening to them and in the process improving our offerings.

Research Infinite Solutions is a one stop organization that provides Machine Learning and Deep Learning based Services in Chandigarh. It provides services with full potential of pattern recognition, learning theory of computation, self-optimizing and nature-inspired algorithms to the fullest advantage of its consumers, providing tailor-made Machine Learning services and solutions.

Research Infinite Solutions helps you in putting your data to best use by creating Artificial Intelligence backend applications customized as per your needs that can be easily integrated into your existing product. It is an Artificial Intelligence Company in India using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning as a Service, Data Science and Natural Language Processing to give accurate results. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence based on idea that machines should be able to self-learn and adapt according to the experience

Features of Artificial Intelligence: Main features of Artificial Intelligence Consulting are:

1. AI has a great prospective to process lots of sensor inputs mechanically and frequently and in future we are shifting from human driver cars to driverless cars. It overcomes human limitations like Robots can work continuously without taking rest.

2. Behavioral analytics from frequency, past actions or actions of similar users.

3. In healthcare sector, AI is resolving a variety of glitches for patients, hospitals and healthcare industry overall.

4. AI Chatbots is the biggest thing. It is mainly a computer program that permits to talk via a chat interface.

Research Infinite solutions

5. Mainly AI is used to build expert systems which display intelligent behavior, study, validate, describe, and assist its users.

6. To implement human intelligence in Machines so that a system can be created that understands, deliberate, study and act like a machine.

7. There are some places where AI powered robots used. Nowadays it is also used for certain most dangerous jobs like welding, bomb defusing, intense heat jobs, etc.

8. Used for fuel exploration and mining process.

Our Story:

Research Infinite Solution Company was established in 2015. Research Infinite Solutions is growing towards success day by day because of its innovative and reliable work provided to clients. It is a team of Developers, Data Scientists, trained editors, writers, research specialists and reviewers working in Python (Tensorflow, Theano, Keras etc). Our major goal is to make deep learning easy to use and beneficial for the business point of view. When you linked up with us, you will get more than an agreement and great knowledge regarding Artificial Intelligence in India. Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in numerous fields such as military, medical and financial field.

Research Infinite solutions

Our Strength:


Reliability is doing what you said you'd do when you said you were going to do it. Our main aim is to deliver work on time and according to the requirements of the client.


From last decades, deep learning which is inspired from the human brain grows rapidly. It has made enormous strides in giving machines the ability to intuit the physical world. We fail, revise and rebuilt a project a number of times but we believed to deliver accurate results.


It always builds trust to have open conversions and candid discussion. Being a transparent in business is really helpful to get fruitful results.


Our group is built on an enduring relationship and concern for each other’s individual welfare first and foremost. Trust delivers the establishment for navigating composite environments, teamwork that is serious to creation and long-lasting success.